Light The Way Certified Outreach and Community Education For Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Significant Losses.

Sarah J Williams          
Ph.D, RN, BC          

Did you recently lose a loved one?  Are you a victim of divorce? Are you suffering from feelings associated with loss related to romance, social, familial or business aspects in your life.

If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone.  This program may be the one for you. It is designed to provide you support through one of life's most challenging experiences.  It can be very stressful and difficult. You do not have to be alone as you move through this process.

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to any significant emotional loss.  It is painful and often unbearable for some, and it encompasses many different emotions.

The feelings you are having are normal and natural, but unfortunately in our society, we are socialized to believe that grief is a normal, natural and an inevitable fact of life, and that it will happen to everyone, if you live long enough. 



I was so grateful to be able to express my grief in a nurturing and caring environment.  It is good to know that we have this program available for our parishioners.  Please continue the outreach.  The need is great in this community. You are an excellent facilitator.

Mentoria Sherfield
Secondary School Teacher


You must be able to "get over it" and move on. Throughout our lives, we are taught very little about how to cope with grief and loss.  Our reactions to grief is often influenced by our culture as well.   Different cultures view reactions to loss in different ways.

While it is normal and natural, it is also one of the most powerful of all emotions, and it is also the most neglected and misunderstood. Most of our education in this program is based on clearing up misinformation, such as "grief just takes time."  This is only true if the time is properly spent learning and applying the tools of recovery.  Our program will help you to move on with your life and it will teach you to use these tools effectively.


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This group helped me to understand the grieving process and it allowed me to bring back to the surface lost hurts and pain that I suffered in the past.  Many losses I thought that I had long forgotten.  Many of the exercises that we did helped me feel relaxed and to reflect.  I feel very fortunate and blessed for having the opportunity to participate. 

Janice Barber
Retired Teacher and Counselor

We provide educational opportunities for those interested in helping children grieve as well.

In a safe supportive atmosphere of a small group, you can talk about your experiences and hear from others who are experiencing the same feelings that you are. Our 12 week program for grieving adults and a 6 week program for adults who want to help children deal with loss, are available.  Additionally, we provide open seminars, and briefings on grief recovery to community groups who may identify individuals needing this service. 



Being in my role as pastor, I spend a good deal of my time helping individuals who have experienced major losses in their lives.  So much so that I have not spent much time addressing my own losses.  Having spent time in this group where I was not in the helping role, I was able to gain strength and support from members of this group. My participation allowed me to address and share my own losses in a caring environment.  Your caring, compassion and connection with other’s pain is what makes this such a useful and helpful tool for helping others to address their feelings and emotions associated with grief.  Please continue this ministry. 

Rev. I.V. Tolbert
Retired Church Pastor



The 12 week outreach program is for anyone having the desire to learn more about their feelings of loss and to dig within themselves to gain a better understanding of how to get control of their lives and to move on beyond the pain of loss.

The 6 week outreach program is primarily for parents and other principal guardians.  Additionally, it can be for you if you are a counselor, teacher, clergy and anyone who has custodial relationships with children. 

Seminars, briefings and  in service education offerings are for organizations, i.e. funeral home associations, health care organizations, civic organizations, church groups, etc.


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